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Can any one of u send me gud documents regarding LSMW..

It will be gud if the document explains LSMW in a step wise manner..


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just refer to the link below

<b>step by step procedure with screen shots</b>



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BDC is the way to transfer data by writing a batch input program which can use either session or call transaction method.

LSMW used to transfer data without/less code.

What type of data we transfer using LSMW?

LSMW is best suited for transferring master data.

Actually BDC and LSMW are not comparable at all.

for example LSMW itself can use BDC as a way of mass data transfer.

BDC is a mass data transfer technique via screen logic of existing SAP Data entry transactions. It behaves as if you are manually making thousand of entires into sap system as a background job. And that is probably the reason why BAPI's are preffered over BDC's.

On the other hand LSMW is a tool to facilitate DATA migration from other legacy systems ... It contains step by step procedure for data migration.

Like Managing Data Migration Projects , Creating Source Structures , Mapping Source structures wid Target structures , etc etc

LSMW internally might well be using the following techniqes for data transfer..


2. Direct Input / BDC

4. BAPI's

LSMW is an encapsulated data transfer tool. It can provide the same functionality as BDC infact much more but when coming to techinical perspective most the parameters are encapulated. To listout some of the differences :

LSMW is basicaly designed for a fuctional consultant who do not do much coding but need to explore the fuctionality while BDC is designed for a technical consultant.

LSMW offers different techinque for migrating data: Direct input ,BAPI,Idoc,Batch input recording. While bdc basically uses recording.

LSMW mapping is done by SAP while in BDC we have to do it explicitly .

LSMW is basically for standard SAP application while bdc basically for customized application.

Coding can be done flexibly in BDC when compared to LSMW

Check the following link:

for Long texts Upload

Please take a look at this..


Refer the links -

1. Maintain Attributes:

Here you have to choose the second option and you can do the recording how this should work. Then assign the same to the Batch Input Recording name.

2. Maintain Source structure:

Create a structure name

3. Maintain Source field:

In this you have to create a structure same as that of the input file

eg: name



4. Maintain structure relations:

This will link the structure to the input file.

5. Maintain field mapping and conversion rules:

Here is the place where you can do coding, depending upon the code you have written or assignment you have done the values will get picked up from the file and get processed.

6. Maintain field mapping and conversion rules:

If you have any fixed values you can define here.

7. Specify files:

Specify the input file path and type.

8. Assign files:

This will assign ur file to the Input file

9. Read Data:

This will read ur data from teh file.

10. Dispaly Read Data:

You can see the uploaded data

11. Convert Data

This will convert the data to the corresponding format for processing

12. Display Converted data:

13. Create batch input session

Here this will create a batch input session for processing

14. Run Batch Input session:

By clicking on the session and process the same you can do teh needfu.

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Go thro these steps..

Using Tcode MM01 -- Maintain the source fields are

1) mara-amtnr char(18)

2) mara-mbrsh char(1)

3) mara-mtart char(4)

4) makt-maktx char(40)

5) mara-meins char(3)

the flate file format is like this as follows

MAT991,C,COUP,Srinivas material01,Kg

MAT992,C,COUP,Srinivas material02,Kg

AMT993,C,COUP,Srinivas material03,Kg

MAT994,C,COUP,Srinivas material04,Kg

MAT995,C,COUP,Srinivas material05,Kg

goto Tcode LSMW

give Project Name

Subproject Name

object Name

Press Enter -

Press Execute Button

It gives 13 radio-Button Options

do the following 13 steps as follows

1) select radio-Button 1 and execute

Maintain Object Attributes

select Standard Batch/Direct Input

give Object -- 0020

Method -- 0000

save & Come Back

2) select radio-Button 2 and execute

Maintain Source Structures

select the source structure and got to click on create button

give source structure name & Description

save & Come Back

3) select radio-Button 3 and execute

Maintain Source Fields

select the source structure and click on create button


first field

field name matnr

Field Label material Number

Field Length 18

Field Type C

Second field

field name mbrsh

Field Label Industrial Sector

Field Length 1

Field Type C

Third field

field name mtart

Field Label material type

Field Length 4

Field Type C

fourth field

field name maktx

Field Label material description

Field Length 40

Field Type C

fifth field

field name meins

Field Label base unit of measurement

Field Length 3

Field Type C

save & come back

4) select radio-Button 4 and execute

Maintain Structure Relations

go to blue lines

select first blue line and click on create relationship button

select Second blue line and click on create relationship button

select Third blue line and click on create relationship button

save & come back

5) select radio-Button 5 and execute

Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules

Select the Tcode and click on Rule button there you will select constant

and press continue button

give Transaction Code : MM01 and press Enter

after that

1) select MATNR field click on Source filed(this is the field mapping) select MATNR and press Enter

2) select MBRSH field click on Source filed(this is the field mapping) select MBRSH and press Enter

3) select MTART field click on Source filed(this is the field mapping) select MTART and press Enter

4) select MAKTX field click on Source filed(this is the field mapping) select MAKTX and press Enter

5) select MEINS field click on Source filed(this is the field mapping) select MEINS and press Enter


save & come back

6) select radio-Button 6 and execute

Maintain Fixed Values, Translations, User-Defined Routines

Create FIXED VALUE Name & Description as MM01

Create Translations Name & Description as MM01

Create User-Defined Routines Name & Description as MM01

after that delete all the above three just created in the 6th step


Translations --MM01

User-Defined Routines --MM01

come back

7) select radio-Button 7 and execute

Specify Files

select On the PC (Frontend) -- and click on Create button(f5)

give the path of the file like "c:\material_data.txt"

description : -

separators as select comma radiao- button

and press enter save & come back

😎 select radio-Button 8 and execute

Assign Files

Save & come back

9) select radio-Button 9 and execute

Read Files


come back

come back

10) select radio-Button 10 and execute

Display Imported Data

Execute and press enter

come back

Come back

11) select radio-Button 11 and execute

Convert Data


come back

Come back

12) select radio-Button 12 and execute

Display Converted Data

Execute & come back

13) select radio-Button 13 and execute

Start Direct Input Program

--select the Program

--select continue button

--go with via physical file

--give the lock mode as 'E'

and execute

Refer these links,


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Check the following link:

This link has all the 4 methods of LSMW with screenshots

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just refer to the link below

<b>step by step procedure with screen shots</b>



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