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LSMW - Work Center - Step "Read Data": some data are not written

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Hi everybody,

I work on a LSMW to upload "Work Center".

I have a problem in step "Read Data" : data are "NOT WRITTEN" for 2 "Source Structure" KAPA01 and KAPA02 which corresponding to KAPA_DXI01 and KAPA_DXI02.

I defined my "Source Structure" like below:

CRHD01 (CRDH_DXI01 Structure)

....|_ CRHD02 (CRDH_DXI02 Structure)

....|_ CRHD03 (CRDH_DXI03 Structure)

....|_ CRHD05 (CRDH_DXI05 Structure)

....|_ CRCO01 (CRCO_DXI01 Structure)

....|_ KAPA01 (KAPA_DXI01 Structure)

............|_ KAPA02 (KAPA_DXI02 Structure)

I linked each "Source Structure" to one file.

Example: CRHD01 with CRHD01.txt

For each "Work Center" I have 2 "Capacity Categorie".

So, for each file, I have this:

CRHD01.txt --> 1 record

CRHD02.txt --> 1 record

CRHD03.txt --> 1 record

CRHD05.txt --> 2 records (for 2 "Capacity Categorie")

CRCO01.txt --> 1 record

KAPA01.txt --> 2 records (for 2 "Capacity Categorie")

KAPA02.txt --> 2 records (for 2 "Capacity Categorie")

For each file, I added 2 fields to allow each record

The 2 fields are : ARBPL (Work Center) and WERKS (Plant)

I don't understand why it's uncorrect.

Could you explain me why the reasons that data are not read?

If I'm wrong in my LSMW, could you explain or give me a solution to resolve my problem?

Thanks in advance for your answers.



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SAP joins the data of each table based on common fields and its common content.

KAPA01 is a sublevel to CRHD01

do those 2 table have both the same common fields and content to be able to link the data together?

make sure that you dont have alphalike characters in the first table but numeric in the second table, this is one of the most common errors I encountered in such cases, often because the tables got prepared by different people.

to test the thing, just have a file assigned to CRHD01 and a file to KAPA01, and then see if SAP can join the data and gget it to the read data.

if that is okay, then add a file to KAPA02....and test again

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Hi all !

I found my error !

In two of my structures, I had 2 fields with the same name (KTEXT) but one was for "Capacity short text" and the second for "Work center short description". But these 2 fields had not the same value ! So during the "Read data" step, the system compared these 2 fields (because same field name) but rejected the records because the read values were different !

To resolve this problem, I renamed one of my field : KTEXT into KTEXT2.

I tested it and it's OK: all records from my files was read and written. The "Converted data" step ran as well and the final step too.

Thanks a lot !

Have a nice day !