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LSMW - RMDATIND - You have not fully maintained the tax classifications

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I am trying to extend existing materials to new sales organization through LSMW and direct input. I have only one file containing a "header" for the material general data, and "line items" to manage material taxes for other countries than the one defined for the current sales organization.

I have created 2 nested structures as following:

ZMATERIAL_ALL (parent structure)

          |__ ZMATERIAL_TAXES (child structure)

In the structure fields, the first field is the header or line identifier:


          |__ HEADER -> With Identifying Field Content = H

          |__  ZMATERIAL_TAXES

                |__ LINE -> With Identifying Field Content = L

Header and line item have a common field MATNR and VKORG. ZMATERIAL_ALL contains data for sales org GI37, Japan. ZMATERIAL_TAXES contains data for France taxes (sales org GI10).

The structure of my file is the following:




In LSMW step 5, I associate ZMATERIAL_ALL structure tax values to BMMH1, because this taxe correspond to the tax for the current sales org defined in the current country:

TATY1          Tax category (sales tax, federal sales tax,...)

                    Source:  ZMATERIAL_ALL-TATY1 (Tax category (sales tax, federal sales tax,

                    Rule :   Transfer (MOVE)

                    Code:    BMMH1-TATY1 = ZMATERIAL_ALL-TATY1.

TAXM1         Tax classification material

                    Source:  ZMATERIAL_ALL-TAXM1 (Tax classification material)

                    Rule :   Transfer (MOVE)

                    Code:    BMMH1-TAXM1 = ZMATERIAL_ALL-TAXM1.

Then in BMMH2, I associate tax values from ZMATERIAL_TAXES structure:

__END_OF_RECORD__   After Using Conversion Rules

                    Rule :   Default Settings Modified

                    Code:    bmmh2-aland = zmaterial_TAXES-ALAND1.

                             bmmh2-TATY1 = zmaterial_TAXES-TATYP1.

                             bmmh2-TAXM1 = zmaterial_TAXES-TAXKM1.


                             bmmh2-aland = zmaterial_TAXES-ALAND2.

                             bmmh2-TATY2 = zmaterial_TAXES-TATYP2.

                             bmmh2-TAXM2 = zmaterial_TAXES-TAXKM2.


In LSMW step 7, I specify my single file with option "Data for multiple source structures".

In step 8, I assign my file to both ZMATERIAL_ALL and ZMATERIAL_TAXES structures.

In step 9 and 10, I can successfully read and display data. ZMATERIAL_ALL and ZMATERIAL_TAXES structures are well populated.

The conversion is ok, then I run the RMDATIND program to perform the material creation.

The result is "You have not fully maintained the tax classifications"

Any idea what I am missing ?

Thanks in advance for your help.



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The solution was to implement SAP Note 1730652, and it solved the issue !

This was a standard SAP issue, and not an implementing issue.


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The solution was to implement SAP Note 1730652, and it solved the issue !

This was a standard SAP issue, and not an implementing issue.

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