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LSMW problem with classification RCCLBI03

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I have created and LSMW object for classification

of material, define the files

but while trying to read a file a have a following

information about file *

File * cound not be open for written

(file is defined on server...)

Does somebody have idea about a problem

Thank you very much.



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There are 2 possibilities for the cause of this error:

1. You do not have necessary permissions to save the READ file in the relevant folder.

2. File name may be very long. Make it short in Specify Files Step.

I hope you have given proper file related data in Specify Files step.

A short File name in file for Read Data.

A short File name in file for Convert Data.

If you see Logical path you can give 'LSMW' (Normally this is tha path name given) and the same file name in the 'Logical File'.

Hope this helps you.

Best Regards, Murugesh AS

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I've used this program and it works quite well, so I suspect that the problem really is with the file.

Is the file on the same server that the program is running? Is it a text file? There are two files - one input to the program and one output by the program (errors). Have you given them both the same name?

The program actually has pretty decent documentation. Just press the "i" button.