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LSMW not working in background

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I have created LSMW and it is working fine in foreground.

All the white fields are given data from file.

Appreciate any help for sorting this out.




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The LSMW usually has 3 or 4 steps of execution:

1) Read Data

2) Convert Data

3) Generate a Session / Process the converted file or session (These two are separate steps for a LSMW with BDC session).

If you want to schedule a job:

A) The first two steps need the Files on Application Server. You must use App Server files in the Specify Files and Assign Files steps.

B) The LSMW should preferably not be BDC session based. You will lose the benefit of scheduled processing, as the LSMW and Session will be two separate schedules. Sychronizing these and tracking the Sessions may be difficult.

C) You need to note down the ABAP program names for the three steps and create the relevant variants.

D) Then, schedule the three programs in a single job in that sequence.

Note that each LSMW may need a little different approach.


You can run/schedule program /SAPDMC/SAP_LSMW_INTERFACE for scheduling any LSMW object as a job.


suppose you are choosing SESSION method for migrating data using LSMW, in the 13 step you create SESSION, for precessing session you execute 14 th step then it will automatically place cursor in SM35( SESSION) here you follow these steps.

1) select the SESSION which was you created.

2) here you find option for processing SESSION, from that you choose BACKGROUND.

3) it willl display screen with required field, like date, time....

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