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Hi Friends,

Through LSMW we can transwer data into SAPR/3. For that we have four Methodological

<b>1. DIR,2. BIS,3. BAPI, 4. IDOC.</b>

<b>I just start to work on LSMW with BAPI Methodology.</b> <b>After i entered Business Object Name Such as BUS2032 ( Sales Order) and Method in T.code LSMW.</b>

Here my doubts below.

1). <b>Why automatically Message type as well as basic type get into next below two input boxes?.

2). what is relationship between BOR(BAPI) And IDoc?.

3). If there is any relatinship between BOR and IDoc, Why we have separate Methodology called IDoc.</b>

kindly clear this above doubts.

Thanks in advance,




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Hi Venu,

Thanks for your response.

My doubt is why should i use BAPI along with IDOC? because those two are different methods right.

thanks in advance,



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yes, there is some relationship with BAPI and IDOC in LSMW.

You can find a ALE message type in BAPI explore. Only the method which has been assigned a ALE message, can be used in LSMW BAPI mode.

Because when you has a ALE message associated with a BAPI, it will create two Function automatically. 'IDOC_INPUT_XXX' and 'ALE_XXXX'. when you call a BAPI in LSMW, 'ALE_XXXX' will be called.('ALE_XXXX' interface is very familiar with the BAPI_XXX)

And IDOC will be created as ALE message type.

And when receive the IDOC, 'IDOC_INPUT_XXX' will be called to handle this IDOC.

You don't need to handle this process, but you want to assure that the ALE message exists for this BAPI.

(create it in BDBG)

hope it will be helpful