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LOV promt search does not return expected results

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Hi All,

I tried unsuccessfully to search through the promt LOV by example

with json

json = {"parameters":{"parameter":[{"id": 20,"answer":{ "info":{"lov":{"query":{"search":"*FOOD*"}}}}}]}}

and url put request


and get responce:

{'@optional': 'true',
'@type': 'sapVariable',
'@dpId': 'DP0',
'@primary': 'true',
'id': 20,
'technicalName': 'CHAIN1',
'name': 'Chain',
'answer': {'@constrained': 'false',
'@type': 'Text',
'@keyType': 'Text',
'info': {'@cardinality': 'Multiple',
'@keepLastValues': 'true',
'lov': {'@hierarchical': 'true',
'@nodeSelection': 'Any',
'@refreshable': 'true',
'@searchable': 'true',
'@mandatorySearch': 'false',
'@searchScopes': 'Values,Keys',
'@searchTargets': 'Database',
'updated': '1970-01-01T00:00:00.000Z',
'error': {'error_code': 'WIS 0',
'message': 'The number of requested members exceeds 5000. Do a search by element instead.'}}}}}

Please tell me what I did wrong

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