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Looping through an internal table

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I wrote the following piece of code:

<b> LOOP AT gt_rpm_project INTO ls_rpm_project

WHERE guid = ls_cgpl_project-guid

AND category = p_categ

AND subcategory IN p_subct.



gt_rpm_project is an internal table and

p_subct is a select option in the selection screen.this code gives an error mentioning <b>IN cannot be used</b>. Since it is a select -option i cannot use '=' or'between'(as p_subct apart from having a range can also have individual entries.)

Please advice how to go about this.

Thanks in advance!!



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Because you are using a select option, I believe you would be having a database access before this query.

Why don't you filter the entries based on the select options that time itself. You wouldn't have to include a IN claus at all then.



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you can also try

subcategory > selectoption-low AND subcategory < selectoption-high.


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should not be a problem. you should be able to use it. can you give us the exact error message?

to simulate your case i tried the following code and there was no syntax error.

data: itab type standard table of csks .

data: wa like line of itab .

select-options: p_dt for sy-datum .

loop at itab into wa where kokrs = '9999' and datab in p_dt .

endloop .



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The simplest way would be to remove the subcategory field from the where condition and write an IF condition inside the Loop . IF SY-SUBRC = 0 then move the values from the internal table gt_rpm_project into ls_rpm_project.

LOOP AT gt_rpm_project

WHERE guid = ls_cgpl_project-guid

AND category = p_categ.

IF gt_rpm_project-subcategory IN p_subct.

ls_rpm_project = gt_rpm_project.

append ls_rpm_project.



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Could u please let us know what is the exact error message, because the code u have posted looks perfectly alright to me, only possiblity would be that p_subct is not declared as select option which u have mentioned it has been declared, can u post the complete code with the variables declaration..

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the only reason that I can see to your erro is, Your field p_subct is a parameter, and not a select-options.

Or it's anything different from a value range.

Alexandre Nogueira.

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This works OK:

REPORT ztest.

DATA: BEGIN OF gt_rpm_project OCCURS 0,
      END   OF gt_rpm_project,

      BEGIN OF ls_rpm_project.
        INCLUDE STRUCTURE gt_rpm_project.
DATA: END   OF ls_rpm_project,
      ls_cgpl_project LIKE ls_rpm_project.

DATA: p_categ.
RANGES p_subct FOR gt_rpm_project-subcategory.

LOOP AT gt_rpm_project INTO ls_rpm_project
  WHERE guid         = ls_cgpl_project-guid
  AND   category     = p_categ
  AND   subcategory IN p_subct.

What version are you on?