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Logon Language dependent production order longtext in CO03/CO02

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Dear Experts,

Can you please guide me in making production order longtext language dependent, visible in transaction CO03.

Requirement is : when we logon in English language, English longtext should be displayed and when we logon in DE ,German Longtext should be displayed. Texts are created and saved in a separate program which creates and saves Longtext based on logon language.

Thanks in Advance,

Kumar Gaurav


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Based on logon language SAP cannot changes the text maintained for production order automatically.

because it will save in database in which language you maintained the text.

please test with FM Read_text.



Hi Chandrashekhar,

Thanks for your answer, but its not the requirement for SAP to change(translate) the texts.

As i mentioned in my question above "Texts are created and saved in a separate program which creates and saves Longtext based on logon language."

A production order can have different texts in different languages, which can be created by FM CREATE_TEXT and updated by combination of READ_TEXT & SAVE_TEXT by passing four key parameters TEXT ID, TEXT NAME, TEXT OBJECT & LANGUAGE.

By changing language we can create texts in different languages for same production order, and same is being done by a separate program in my case.

So in my case texts in different languages already exists which can be seen in STXH & STXL tables, and can be read by READ_TEXT.

The requirement here is, just to show already existing texts based on logon language, but its only showing english text throughout.



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Hello Shashank, were you able to find a solution ? I am also facing the similar issue as you for viewing Long text in CO03.