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logical file name & path

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hi folks,

can any 1 describe wat actually logical file name & pathe mean?

how does it will be useful in LSMM or BDC?

pls describe reg Tcode "FILE".

thank u


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hi John

1. look at FM '<b>FILE_GET_NAME_USING_PATH</b>' to convert the logical file path into physical file (full path)

2. look at FM '<b>FILE_GET_NAME</b>' that Assigns the Physical File Name Using a Logical File Name

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Logical Path concept came in picture to have same name for path across different systems (i.e development, quality production).

for example logical path can be "YIN" for one of input directory,

Which can

1) coresspond to "ain/devl/" in development environment.

2) coresspond to "ain/qual/" in quality environment.

3) coresspond to "ain/prod/" in produciotn environment. at runtime.

<b>FILE is transaction to maintain logical and corresponding physical path..</b>



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