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locking issue

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Hi All ,

two inbound idocs are coming at d same time and creating a switch document .

when the switch documents gets created a workflow get triggered .

This workflow updates some values of a field in the switch document .

now there is a check in the workflow if the value we are updating is already there it should give duplicate entry error .

now in my case i am getting error in both the switch documents . in place of this first one should be processed successfuly and the other 1 should give the error .

it seems like a locking issue .

plz guide me i am not able to even think how to start this issue .

Thnx in advance


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Hi ,

Yes this issue will occur when ever you are trying to distribute two idoc type which are going use the same document or same vendor or material take an example of MATMAS and CLFMAS

If you trigger these two iodcs at the same time this issue will come. To avoid this normally while triggering the outbound there should be a provision in Middle where to give some gap between the idocs other wise what you can do change the partner profile to trigger the idoc using a background job. Then run RBDAPP01 first for MATMAS and then run for CLFMAS in the second step of the batch job so that this issue will not come.