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Localize for South Korea - missing in customizing client

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I hope one of you can assist on this

We have a system which is originally installed as a 3.1I system

Now we are implementing for South Korea and country code for South

Korea together with country specific customizing is missing from the

customizing client - it's only in client 000 since it was delivered in 4.5 or something

There areseveral notes describing this problam but I haven't found any

which really says what do to. One note says to do client comparison

with 000 - but how will I know what to transfer.

What I have tried on a sandbox is to transfer South Korer from the T005

table to our customizing client.

Then I wanted to run the "Localize sample Organizational units" from

spro, but then I'm informed that "Country Company Code does not exist".

Do you know whether this is the right way to get the South

Korean language dependent customizing and how to progress?

Best regards

Flemming Grand


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Flemming,

SAP delivers sample customizing in client 000.

However please have a look at SAP note 641257 --> Question 3.

SAP does not support the execution of O035 in a client where customizing from other

countries exists.

Hence even if the according country (in your case South Korea) was available in your logon client,

SAP would not support to use the country installer directly in your development client.

The correct and recommended procedure is to copy client 000 to a Sandbox client, use O035 to setup the SAP country template, analyse the settings and then transfer the results which do not conflict with your own customizing to your development client.

However this is typically a task for local application consultants, who know both the country requirements AND the SAP application and therefore also know what to transfer.

Alternatively, O035 can be also executed in client 000 in test mode showing the data entries to be inserted. This might be a better approach than creating a new sandbox client.

By the way from note 641257 --> Question 2 you can also see, that you can setup a country without using O035.

Best regards,

Nils Buerckel

Solution Management

Globalization Services