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List the Users who are idle for certain time

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Hi All,

My requirement is to show all the users who are idle for certain time (eg 30 mins).

Here I want to know the background job which terminates the users who are idle for the time maintained in the profile parameter 'rdisp/gui_auto_logout'.

Regards, Joshu.


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There is no such background job.

The logout of inactive users is handled automatically by the system.

I haven't seen such a report in the system, but if you want to list the users,

you can write a report which calls the function TH_USER_LIST.

From the user list you can get the last time the user did anything in the system.

By reading the value of parameter rdisp/gui_auto_logout you can then calculate when they will be thrown out.

I'm not a programmer, so the rest is up to you.

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I agree with thomas.

To activate automatic logging off, do the following:

Go to Profile Maintenance by choosing Tools --> CCMS --> Configuration --> Profile Maintenance or the transaction RZ11.

Maintain the parameter rdisp/gui_auto_logout. Enter the required number of seconds of inactivity before the user is logged off automatically.

To deactivate automatic logoff, delete the parameter from the profile(s) or set the value '0'.