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List all relevant structures

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High there,

maybe someone allready asked this question, but i couldn't find the answer. the problem is, that in some reports structures are used to temporarily safe data. these are no z-structures so they must be from sap. i wonder how all the sap-developers get the information on which structure they can use in these contexts. is it possible to list all the relevant structures belonging to a table or report (i prefer ...belonging to a module...).

help will be needed...

thanx so far,



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To get the information about the tables and structure developers have to do analysis.

1) I case of Tcode the do a trace.

2) Technical help(f1).

3) Extensive search about the relevent fields.

4) DD02l,DD03l contains all tables and structures info.

GET_TABLES use the funtopn module to get the list of tables and structures being used in a report.

DATA: begin of fs_tables,
    tabname(30) type c,                " Table name
  end of fs_tables,
T_tables like standard table of fs_tables
 call function 'GET_TABLES'
      progname   = name
      tables_tab = t_tables.



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if you want to know all the related structures to a database table,


Fill the database table field with required db table name.Click where used list.It shows lot of options. you select only structures.It will give you the list of all structures which are using that table.Similarly, you can find al the report names and other database table names which are using that database table.

I hope , it will help you to find the anwer for your question.


Prasad gvk.

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All database tables are inturn structures... many a times you may find the same table name being used as a structure,

otherwise they would have been declared in the program rather than creating a structure in the database, so the name may not appear as z-structure as declaration follow another standards, they may or may not start from z so you may not be able to find these structures which are declared locally in the program in se11

also sometimes programmers might do a where used list on a database table and selecting on structures on the selection criteria for table...



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Your Go to -> SE11 select the search help -> DD_TYPES -> your found the all the structure name and Dictionary data elements, structures, table types .