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Link object to FI parked document

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I have tried posting this question in another forum with no reply, and therefore I will try it here:

I have have developed a workflow in which I'm completing/approving/posting a parked document previously created via an inbound IDoc. There are several attachements in the workflow (object types SOFM and IDoc and others) which I would like to link to the FI-document. How is it (or is it) possible to do this and afterwards is it possible to find these linked objects from the FI-document?

The installation is SAP R/3 version 4.6c.

I hope somebody is able to answer my question.

Thx in advance.

Best regards Arne Sørensen


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Two possible approaches. One could be looking at generic object services to see if there is a fit there.

Another approach is to look at SAP DMS. Documents can be linked to SAP objects, stored and acessed directly from applications and or the DMS interface.

DMS requires a modest amount of set up if you are looking to do something basic. The advantage of DMS is that it comes with a raft of BAPI's to get the docs in. You can also store the attachment's in a secure content server that is outside of the main R/3 database if you choose.

Generic object services can be used to link and store an attachment but I am not so sure about bapis and external storage.

I hope this helps.

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Hi Roger

I've been looking at your answer concerning SAP DMS. And I have a couple of questions for you.

Can I use one of the BAPI modules BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATE & BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATE2, to create a document from an external file and link it to an object, BKPF, and object key, FI dcumentno?

And can i use the same module to link another object to the same object, BKPF - the other object type will be IDOC with the IDoc no as object key?

The last question: if it is possible how is it then possible to see the document links from the FI document?

Regards Arne

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A DMS document has 2 components, the document info record and the original file or attachments(s) connected to it.

If memory servers me correctly, the Create BAPI's take care of the info record. I think BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKIN or BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKIN2 look after the attachments.

DMS allows you to connect you DMS info record to an SAP object. This is one of its real strengths. The functionality is referred to as "object Linking".

SAP delivers a number of links to various objects in the system and provides instruction on building your own if what you need is not there. The interactions can be found in the online help. The instructions basically tell you to add a screen and underlying logic to function group CV130

As for navigating from the application back to the DMS document. Check the parked document screens. If there is a menu item link to "Documents" a la customer master > extras > documents, you are ok. Otherwise you may need to add a link to DMS via a modification.

We completed the above process for our customer invoices.

The result brought tears of joy to our AR department.


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Hi again Roger

I'll try and use your guidelines nad develop the links.

Afterwards I'll get back to you with my result(s).

Thx very much.

Regards Arne

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Dear tooCann,

We are also in the process of this but had little sucess.

Although my ABAPer developed a logic for SAPLCV130 module pool,

and we are able to link the document to Invoice parking.

If any body knows about SAPLCV140 screen as described in the help.

Is it necessary write code for this also.

If not what are the implications can happen..

Any response appreciated