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Julius Bussche

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OK, Something weird was happening today. There were several posts by Julius which appeared to be a trifle out of character. While I was still trying to make up my mind, suddenly all the posts have been deleted. Was some impostor carrying out some hank panky after all?


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Well, his name was misspelled, ID newly registered, all stats close to zero, totally brain-washed statements, this was a fake as clear as...I don't know in English

The garbage has been taken to the dumpster.


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There were several posts by Julius which appeared to be a trifle out of character.

Thank you for that!

Looks like some prankster with nothing better to do and a chip on the shoulder.



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Julius - could it be

a jilted girlfriend? a customer whose security access you reduced? A forum member whom you cited in your coffee corner post in not-so-positive-manner? So many suspects.....

Here is a recycled joke:

Woman (to her girl friend) - My life is miserable these days. My hubby has become suspicious that I am having an affair, and it is getting stressful.

Girl friend - That is easy. Just stop fooling with the guy whoever he is - for a while. It will be alright soon.

Woman - That is what I am stressed about. I don't know which one should I stop meeting?

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Not exactly sure how to interpret that, but generally when my girlfriends dumped me I also left the country. At the time it worked but what with the internet's series of tubes these boundaries seem to have been bridged

This was my way of setting a good carmic example.

Anyway, the prankster has been guestified.

Please take note that user ID names are unique on, so it makes sense to at least reserve your real name and if you want to make contributions which are attributed to your name then use your real name.

In extreme cases the possibility existists to merge your "I think I am invisible account" with your real one, also with the SMP.

Leaving the planet is currently quite expensive...