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Java based security

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I have PI 7.1 EHP1 installed on Win 2008. We are using ABAP as a data source for the roles part.

I am working on designing roles for PI users and have encountered some issues on which I need some help.

I have a user who has a issue with "Insufficient authorization to change object Communication channel" Is there a way to identify the role behind this requirement.

In the past I spend a great deal of time searching for associated roles for a given screen in Java. Is there a easier way out? So far I have been successful however the time spent I believe is not justified.

With the typical R/3 it was easier as we had a SU53 which we could use as a lead. I dont find any such for Java. Is there a guideline on the same lines of a SU53 in Java based systems?




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Hi Ravi P,

The best way is search by keywords, most of the roles if delivered by SAP will have a reference to the keywords

like " Communication" , "Channel " etc ....

The first question I would ask myself is :

How did this role come in first place, was it copied or delivered by SAP

put the user name

search for the roles assigned to him in Java(UME)

You can actually export the user roles to a text file:

search for the role by the key words?

Not available

Search for the actions/Permissions by those key word names from your exported file.

The last and final resort will be to work with your Portal/Java Basis person to ask them to put trace on , on the Java side

if I remember correctly Basis can use config tool to enable trace on the Java system side.

Best is sit with PI team and find out what they are doing , or look at the PI security guide it should have all the details.