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itab - result values after interface

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Hi Gurus,   I have an intersting issue today.   I have an itab as a result from combining data from sap and another system ( inbound Interface ).   According to my conditions, sometimes I have an employee with 2 status , resulting in 2 lines on the table with the same employee but with 2 different status.   Example  First Name Last Name Status   Ana  Maria Employee not qualified  Ana  Maria Employee qualified.   What I need is when an employee already have a status ( a complete line on itab ) to stop the search and consider only the 1st line.   That happens because conditions sometimes returns me several status for a single employee.   How can I better address this?   Thank you,   F


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if you make a READ .. INTO .. WITH KEY ...    you will have only one answer, the first one.  (don't use BINARY SEARCH)

what did you want more ?



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I am doing that already.   Problem is I am doing a couple of READS and I usually get more than one result when I combine all the results.   Maybe I am doing all wrong?

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I will clarify my big drama:   for example when I want to use the Key field Nachn I need to have a couple of reads because data on my system is not standardized and I had to use SPLIT for nachn as an example.   So in one READ the key might ne nachn etc ....  and in the other READ the key might be Str1 ....  which catchs all the cases in my data but also bring multiple results for the same employer.   Unfortunately I am using ABAP to fix data when data should be maintained correctly .... oh well ...