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Hi folks, i've a question...

I implemented this BADI, for ME21n, all ok. But the point is: when I put a break in the method get_instance from CL_EXITHANDLER class, never appeared this BADI (only once before show the first Dynpro, not relevant). Nor if I make a Trace, reviewing tables V_EXT_ACT and V_EXT_IMP. BADI never appears.

Why? May be because was migrated? If I did not know it, I never find it!

Understands what I mean?

I work with SAP ECC 6.0, release 700.

Thanks on advance!


PD: in SE18, if I open matchcode with me_process*, BADI appears two times, bau only one with same name in "Enhancement Spot". An image:



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If your have already implemented the BADI then why don't you directly put a breakpoint in your BADI code. If your BADI is called then it will stop at the place where you set the breakpoint.

Also if it doesn't stop then check whether you have activated your BADI (it should be in active status) successfully or not. Or maybe the BADI that you implemented is not the right BADI if after activation still it does not stop at the breakpoint.

- Saba

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Saba, thanks. That's no the problem. Badi works correctly. My question is: why don't appears in CL_EXITHANDLER or within tables V_EXT_ACT and V_EXT_IMP when i do a trace.

If I put a break-point in method GET_INSTANCE from CL_EXITHANDLER class, don't stop for BADI PO_PROCESS_CUST.