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Issue with Finished Goods without Excise allowed for Excise Invoice creation in J1IIN

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Hi XPerts

We have some Non-Excisable materials for which neither the Excise condition type : JEXP/JEXT determined in the Sales Order nor the Material has been maintained in J1ID(Material+Chapter ID Combination). Only the Customer Master is maintained in J1ID in Customer Excise details as the Customer can buy both Excisable & Non-Excisable items.

Post creation of a Sales Order ,Outbound Delivery & Commercial Invoice , if I visit transaction : J1IIN or J1I3 - system is allowing me to create an Excise Invoice with ZERO value against that particular Commercial Invoice for Non-Excisable Item which we do not want. Pl let me know why system is behaving like that & what is the solution to restrict that.




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Pl advice!!!!!

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Hello Soumick,

It is SAP standard functionality, system will allow to create the excise invoices with out excise duties.

The possibilities of controlling this is have separate billing document type (Commercial billing) for these kind of transactions and don't assign this billing doc in CIN settings. Then system will not allow to create the excise invoice in J1IIN.

Option 2:  Through the user exit check in J1ID - Material and chapter I.D combination if is not maintained then don't allow to create a excise invoice.




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It is a standard functionality and don't go with any enhancement as already suggested.  For one delivery / billing document, you need to have one excise invoice and it is nothing wrong if non-excisable items are included.  Anyway, duty value will not be considered for that.  In fact, from statutory point of view, you are suppose to record all out going materials even if it is non-excisable.

G. Lakshmipathi