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Issue while creating new Set

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I am trying to create a set name via GS01 transaction. When I try to create, it says "set name already exist".

When I go to GS02/GS03 and try to display the set name it says " Set name does not exists".

Because of this I am neither able to create nor view the set.

The problem is only for 1 particular set name "ZFI_SERV_MAT" in my system.All the other set names are working fine. Only if I try to create with this particular name the issue is being raised.

Also there seems some buffer which is storing the set and because of which it says "Set already exists". Not sure how to clear this buffer for this particular set.

Please help me with this.


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Did you browse table SETHEADER with your set name or did you close all your sessions and log again.

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Unfortunately in SETHEADER the entry exists. However I have deleted the entry in dubugging fromSETHEADER and again tried to create. But still it says the SET already exists.

One more thing I have noticed is that this is not just happening for my particular set. If I create and delete a set, and later if I try to create with the same name the same issue is being raised. It says the set already exist, even though I have deleted the set.

I have done some debugging and in the buffers related to the sets these sets are still available because of which this issue is being raised.

Could you please help me with this.

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This looks like a bug in the standard. You shouldi look for available OSS notes, or raise an incident/message to OSS.

(In very very (...) old versions there was a bug for set name with more than 10 characters)

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Hi, my suggestion is going in abap and writing a little test program that calls the function with the set you wanted to create,

in this way you can see if the abap recognize it and retrieve it from somewhere. Use:


just to start

thanks and regards