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Is single type structure and elementary type structure the same?

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Apologies as I just started learning ABAP this month and currently doing a self-study bootcamp on my current employer.

I've encountered a problem with this kind of instruction:

1.0 putting all the variables in a single type structure (ls_profile).

This is my work:

TYPES:  BEGIN OF ls_profile,
            employee_number TYPE string,
            first_name TYPE string,
            last_name TYPE string,
            birthdate TYPE string,
            dream_salary TYPE string,
            hobby TYPE string,
        END OF ls_profile. 

2.0 Create a structured variable (wa_profile) using the correct types.

2.1 Populate the structured variable with the correct data.

DATA(wa_profile) = VALUE ls_profile( employee_number = 'Employee Number' 
first_name = 'First Name'
last_name = 'Last Name'
birthdate = 'Birthdate'
dream_salary = 'Dream Salary'
hobby = 'Hobby').
3.0 Display the contents of the structure.

WRITE:  |{ wa_profile-employee_number }|,
    /   |{ wa_profile-first_name }|,
    /   |{ wa_profile-last_name }|,
    /   |{ wa_profile-birthdate }|,
    /   |{ wa_profile-dream_salary }|,
    /   |{ wa_profile-hobby }|.

Am I doing it right?

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String is a text, I am not sure the birtdate should be a text. I think it should be a date. Same for dream_salary.

The 2.0 seams to means you have to create-it using the old method DATA my_structure TYPE my_type.

For the last one, you could use cl_demo_output=>display_data( wa_profile ).

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If it is a study, you could do it creating a local class / local interface. (you have 1 hour !) 😉