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Is it possible to write two usercommands in Hierarchical ALV?

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Hi All,

I am new to ABAP programming.

Actually i have a Hierarchical ALV.

The display of the report in node type structure.

The Hierarchical ALV contains two internal tables,

For the first internal table is parent table,for that i placed at-line-selection which will go to VA02 through usercommand.

It is working only for that parent table and first line of child table.

Is it any way to make the remaining child's to go to VA02?

I have one more doubt that

can i place two usercommands,i.e one for parent and another for child internal tables.




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There will be only one user program:


Put a break-point on program LKKBLF00

line: case gt_stack-listtype.

and form hide_info_get using rs_hide like gs_hide. of program LKKBLF90

Now when we double click on item then we are getting its name in field g_tabname as GT_SLAVE and row no in g_index_slave

Similary when header is double clicked, the we are getting field in g_tabname as GT_MASTER and row no in g_index

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This is not the way this is normally done. I´m really not sure if you may be able to assign two user commands, but i can tell you how we normally would handle such a task.

You got one user_command for that alv.

When it is triggered you should get some info about WHAT you double clicked. Now you need to identify if user clicked on soimething you wish to jump off to VA02 or if he clicked something where you may want him to jump to MM42 e.G..

Normally you get some node_key for the node you clicked, so then just read your node table with that key to find out on what the user clicked.