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Is it possible to make an entry in field of ALV GRID mandatory

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Hello Experts,

I have a requirement in which I have an ALV TREE . In that tree I have folders and nodes . There are descriptions for nodes.

In one description I have somethng like

'Sender' '-->' 'Receiver'.( whihc I am passing to the tree from an outside class where it gets computed )

But the client wants to replace the '-->' symbol with an icon or some special characters. T

The problem is I am doing the Concatenating operation

data r_description type char256.



name = '@04@'

text = 'Receiver'


RESULT = l_text




  • OTHERS = 3


Concatenate 'Sender' l_text into r_description separated by space .

here l_text is fine . But when I concatenate 'Sender' at the beginning it gets unformated and icons special characters are appearing instead of icons.

Any idea How could i possibly do this ?


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Sorry for the wrong subject of the Grid . I mistyped it

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Hi Arshad,

I checked , it will not work

Concatenate 'Sender' l_text into r_description separated by space . "Will not work

The icon in the beggining will only get displayed,

Concatenate l_text 'Sender' into r_description separated by space . "Will work

Wait for experts replies.:)

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yes.. if you want to put the text first then you have to put two elements...

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Halo Soumya

I did not get you.

How will I put 'Sender' before the icon .Is there any other option other than concatenating the variables.



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The fieldcatalouge has a property as icon.

Generally we will mark it as X.

But in your case you are also concatenating the text along with it, You can give a try.