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Is it possible to increase field length upto 350 with table maintainance generator?

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I have one field in which one data element is there with char(200), and table maintainace SM30 is generated for it.

Now, i have increased the size of data element to 350 and it is activated, but when i regenrate the mantainace generator, it gives error with size restriction to 255.

I have already tried by removing data element and use pre-defined type, but its not working.

*Note: Table maintainance won't be generated for String type.

Any solution/suggestions are welcome.



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Dynpro fields are limited to 255 characters, so it's impossible to have more. You have to find a workaround (2 fields). If you maintain a so long text, it would be better that people define this text as a standard text (SO10) for instance, and simply enter its ID in your table.