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Is It possible to do bdc for ALV reports

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Hi all,

Can any one tell me whether it is possible to do BDC for ALV




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ALV does not support bdc


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alvs are for only display functionality

it is not posible to do bdc

There are some restrictions that might prevent you from using ALV. The following points have to be checked before migrating your lists to ALV.

• Mass data: ALV is not designed for mass data processing but as a display tool and thus keeps all data in memory. More precisely: it is possible to display large volumes of data in ALV, cases of up 100,000 data sets are known in practice. However this uses a corresponding amount of memory; so in cases where data volumes of >50,000 data sets are processed regularly, you should consider carefully the consequences regarding use of resources, in particular as in these cases data processing most times is not done online.

ALVTree has stricter limitations: it is only designed to display up to 1000 nodes.

• Deep structures: ALV requires flat tables, thus you need to flatten existing deep structures in your table. ALV can be used for tables with structured data fields of up to one hierarchy level, however the individual fields have to be defined in the Fieldcatalog appropriately, that is substructures are not detected automatically.

• Page oriented output: As ALV is a display tool, page-oriented processing (like carry-over of sums) is not possible.

• Batch input: ALV is not batch input-enabled.

• Relations between columns: Aside of currencies and units, ALV does not allow you to relate columns, e.g. calculating values of one column from values of other


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Hi srinivas...

BDC processing is supported for the

Screens (in Screen painter)

and the Selection Screens.

So we cannot implement BDC for ALV Reports .

<b>Note: Even when the ALV Grid is placed on a Screen we cannot process it in BDC.</b>

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Dear Srinivas,

BDC can be used for Module Pool Programming i.e. using Screens.

You cannot use BDC for ALV Grid.




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