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Is it possible to call a SAP Query Transaction from another report and import to it the data?

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I have a transaction that calls 'START_REPORT' and runs a SAP Query (type AQ) and generates some data.

I need to create another report. One step has to do exactly what the SAP Query report does. So far I'm thinking of calling the query report and exporting the generated data to the new Z report I'm working on. Is it possible? Otherwise I appreciate all your thoughts and tips.



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Did you try to use FM RSAQ_QUERY_CALL or RSAQ_REMOTE_QUERY_CALL to execute the query, there is an option to export result to memory (actually an exported parameter of type ref to).

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It worked perfectly using FM RSAQ_QUERY_CALL

The program SAP_QUERY_DEMO_TRANSFER_1 gave me good examples on how to use it properly. Thank you for suggesting me the FM.

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It has been already asked and answered many times in the forum, with all details.