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Invoice splitting due to change in header data

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Hi All,

I have added a new Z field to VBRK table. When i try to create an invoice from delivery it is splitting due to change in header data since i am updating this Z field for one of the line item. I need to create a single invoice, Can you guys please help me out? Do i need to change something in the copy routine, if so how?......thanks


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Did you check the split analysis? Ideally Custom field shouldn't cause the split unless it is configured to do so. What does this Zfield changing in the header data? Automatic (Mandatory) split happens if at least one of below fields are different for the line items.


Billing date

Terms of payment

Destination country.

Check if your custom field is trying to change any of the above fields.



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@vinod/vijay, yes i did indeed checked the split analysis, It says its due to the newly added custom field itself. The reason being i am updating a line item on certain conditions with a value 'X' for this newly added field in form userexit_fill_vbrk_vbrp. The system some how stores the first line item which has the value blank for this custom added field and when it process the second line item I am updating it with X.When it tries to create it splits it into two invoices. I still can avoid this by getting all the items from delivery and checking it all at once and update this custom field for both the runs with 'X' but is there any other way to do it..thanks

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Did you do something in the copy routines (VOFM) for copy controls of this newly added Zfield?

If the current scenario is leading to a split then something was done in the routines i would suggest you to look back at routines and may be some more coding is required to enhance at header/item level..

I would suggest you to take help of a functional consultant in this regard.