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internal table

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what is the diff between table & internal table?


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Hi Prakash,

One is DB table and other is table defined in your ABAP code which is used to store the data at runtime.



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Data base table will hold the data in the underlying databast, it is permanent storage, you need to delete the the reocrds from the database table, but in the internal tale, it will contain the data at the runtime, after completing the program Internal table will not contain any data



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TABLES (SAP)-> There r 3 types of tables in SAP:-

Transparent Tables,Pooled Tables,Clustered tables

TABLES (INTERNAL TABLE) -> These r d tables which r used in reports so dat data can be fetched from d transparent tables present in SAP. here is d example:-

tables: vbap.

data: begin of itab occurs 0,

vbeln like vbap-vbeln,

posnr like vbap-posnr,

end of itab.

select vbeln posnr from vbap into corresponding fields of itab.

append itab.


loop at itab.

write: / itab-vbeln,itab-posnr.


dis example shows u what is d relationship exist b/w internal table and table.

if u have more problem do tell me and reward too if u find useful.



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Data base table visibility can be global and an be used in any program at Application server to fetch data from data base with table name ie memory assigned at database . Because it store data at data base with primary keys and fields for data. It have maintanance allowed or not for mass inputing data and technical setting for dataclass and size catagery and buffering alloweds or not.

Ex-master data , Transaction data and configuration data base tables.

But internal table visibility is only to that program u r declared and have memory assign at Application server (ie ABAP memory ) and filled with data at run time.

It have occurs, table kind and key firlds.

ex-standard tables, sorted tables and hashed tables.

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Internal table is for temporary storing data..which you use in your program.

database table is permanently stored in your database.


Varun Mathur

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