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inner joins Vs for all entries

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Hi All,

Pls let me know

the differences b/w innerjoins and for all entries,,,,which is the best option and Y??

Thanks in Advance,



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it depens on tables (count of rows), selected keys, linking keys for join . etc.

do u have intristing example ?

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For performance wise you can use for all entries. If you are using two or three tables you can go inner join, more than three you can prefer for all entries.



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INNER JOIN is used if we want to retrieve some data from more than one table.

FOR ALL ENTRIES is used if we want some data from a table based on some conditions of some other table.

Using several nested INNER JOIN statements can be inefficient and cause time out if the tables become too big in the future."

In ABAP, these joins are first split by the ABAP processor and then sent to the database, with the increase in DATA in production system, these joins tend to give way if your database keeps growing larger and larger.

You should rather use "FOR ALL ENTRIES IN" (Tabular conditions), which is a much efficient way as far as performance is concerned.

Check these links:

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Performance will also depends of your data volume.

A FOR ALL ENTRIES request is going to group 5 entries and send a SELECT request for all of groups created.

If you have a high volume of data, INNER JOIN might be faster.



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