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Inner Join

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Hi All,

I want to create inner join between <b>KONV</b> table (Condition Transaction Data) and <b>VBAK / VBRK / VBRP</b> (with anyone)...but there is no common field....

wat can i do.....

Thanks & Regards,

<b>Anil Kumar</b>


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the table VBAK has the field KNUMV - Number of the document condition

from this VBAK-KNUMV get the record from KONV table.

Join is not suggested on KONV with VBAK / VBRK tables because KONV is a cluster table. Instead you can use FOR ALL ENTRIES of IT_VBAK



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Hi I think you can join KNA1 and VBRP through EKONT. Goto KONV cluster table click on Graphic layout besides the CONTENTS button. It will take u to different tables connected to KONV. Check if u have any common field among these 3 tables. I found the field EKONT. It may help u ....

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Check out this blog,

it'll surely help you out:



Ravish Garg


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Check the following link:



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Hi Anil,

In <b>VBAK and VBRK u have the field KNUMV( no. of document condition)</b>. So from any of these two tables extract KNUMV field and keep it in a internal table, say ITAB1. Then use another query to select KNUMV and other fields from KONV table to ITAB2 using FOR ALL ENTRIES of ITAB1. U cannot use join in KONV table, as it is a CLUSTER table.

Reward if useful.

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