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Incrementing the variable value in smartforms for the page break

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In gobal definition i have taken a variable var1 of type sy-index and in the main area i have written logic

var1 = var1 + 1 .

if var1 > 5.

w_flag = 'x'.

on condition w_flag = 'x'. go to new page.

this requirement is for page break if the no of rows is grater than 5. the control should go to new page.

if there are 10 vendors and vendor no 6 is having 8 records. that particular vendor item details should

come on two pages.

can any one suggest me how to write the code ansd where to write the code.


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Put the counting inside the loop or table.

Add a command node (Create-> Flow Logic -> Command)

in the conditions put there VAR = 5. This will trigger the command to be executed and forced to create a new page.

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Below link gives a detailed explaination for implementing page breaks in smart forms.

<link to blocked site removed by moderator>



Edited by: Thomas Zloch on Mar 1, 2012