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increase select-option visible length

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Hi Experts,

i have created one report, in selection screen we have a select option as .


where as length for the field is 10, but visible length is only till 6,but it is allowing more than 10 letters to enter,

the problem is if we enter as BILLING AREA IN SELECT OPTION we can see only till BILLIN the other letters are hiding how to see the 10 letters in select option with out hiding.

searched in forum but i couldnot get the answer.

please help

thanks in advance.


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if there anything else on the same line of that that screen?? because i just pasted your line in my abap editpor and executed.. it gave me display length as 10.

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actual length of my field is 24 but it is allowing me to see till 18 only.

nothing else is there in that line.

please help me.

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paste your code for how you have written that screen field...