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.include and append include

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hii pls tell me the difference between .include and append include


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<u>Difference between .include and append include :</u>

1. Include structures can be reused while an append structure is unique and may be used only once. (you can try to append to another table an append with same name, it wont work).

2. You can activate include structures themselves while at append structures you need to active the whole table again.

3. append structures are always at the end of a TABLE, while include structures can be at any place.


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INCLUDE Structures:

Include Structure is used to include the structure to a Custom Table.

The same Structure can be Included in any number of Custom Tables.

To Include it in the Custom Table Provide .INCLUDE as field name and Structure name as Field Type.

APPEND Structures:

Append Structure is used to append to the Standard Tables.

The Same Append Structure cannot be appended in more then one Standard DB Table.

We need to create the Append Structure by opening the Table in Display mode and by clicking on the Append Structure button.

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Append structures are used for enhancements that are not included in the standard. This includes special developments, country versions and adding customer fields to any tables or structures.

An append structure is a structure that is assigned to exactly one table or structure. There can be more than one append structure for a table or structure.

The following enhancements can be made to a table or structure TAB with an append structure:

· Insert new fields in TAB,

· Define foreign keys for fields of TAB that already exist,

· Attach search helps to fields of TAB that already exist,

These enhancements are part of the append structure, i.e. they must always be changed and transported with the append structure.

When a table or structure is activated, all the append structures of the table are searched and the fields of these append structures are added to the table or structure. Foreign keys and search help attachments added using the append structure are also added to the table. If an append structure is created or changed, the table or structure assigned to it is also adjusted to these changes when the append structure is activated.

Since the order of the fields in the ABAP Dictionary can differ from the order of the fields on the database, adding append structures or inserting fields in such append structures does not result in a table conversion.

The customer creates append structures in the customer namespace. The append structure is thus protected against overwriting during an upgrade. The fields in the append structure should also reside in the customer namespace, that is the field names should begin with ZZ or YY. This prevents name conflicts with fields inserted in the table by SAP.

nclude Structure :

Here we have to add an Existing Structure to a Table .. So it can be reused.

We cannot Include structure to Standard Table

It can be inserted anywhere in the Table.


APPEND: enhance table without registration. You can use the added fields only in case of this table.

.INCLUDE: you can use tha include to add it to more tables.

Both cases you have to start with ZZ....unless you implement an OSS note.

I suggest to use CI_XXXXX structure, which is a customer include. In this case you have to create a project in transaction CMOD and activate it. Probable you can find some documentation about the purpose of the customer include here.

Check the links -


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