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Inbound for RFQ (Request for Quotation) in MM

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Implementation details:

RFQ(MM) Posting from one comp. code to another in same client.

We use outbound message type - REQOTE.

And NOT able to determine the inbound message / process code.

Can any one provide the information of Inbound IDOC / message type / process code, to be used for the

above scenario.

Thanks in advance.



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Can you not use REQOTE with process code REQO?

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Hi Jagan,

For Inbound RFQ:

IDoc Type - ORDERS05

Messsage Type - REQOTE

Process Code - REQO

Function Module - IDOC_INPUT_REQOTE

For Outbound RFQ:

IDoc Type - ORDERS05

Messsage Type - REQOTE

Process Code - ME12

Function Module - IDOC_OUTPUT_REQOTE

Hope this will help.


Ferry Lianto

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Hi Ferry & Michael

Thanks for your replies

REQO for inbound with Message type REQOTE is for Create Customer Inquiry.

my requirement is Create Vendor Inquiry.

It's a group of companies, the purchasing is centralised under one group company.

[Ex: CC 2000 is doing centralised purchasing for the group companies.

if any RFQ(MM-PUR) is created in CC 1000, the same has to be created in CC 2000 to make a RFQ to the vendors of 2000 for quotation.]

I am able to send the data from CC 1000 through outbound IDOC (using REQOTE & ME12) but when i use REQOTE & REQO as inbound in CC 2000 its creating a customer RFQ, rather i wanted to create a vendor RFQ.

could you help me to explore possiblities to find a solution, i dont want to do a BDC for this purpose. since its involved more companies and differnt scenarios for each of them.

Once again Thanks a lot for your replies


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I can't find anything for vendor inquiry. Sorry.

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Hi There,

In same way, I am trying to send many RFQ to many vendors, so, in Tx WE20 i tried with:

Partner Type: LS

Mess Type: REQOTE

Idoc Type: ORDERS05

Application: EA

Mess Type: ZWC1 (Copied from NEU)

Process Code: ME12

Error: EDI: Partner profile not available


A partner profile could not be found with the following key:


I dont know why, be cause I did not defined LI Partner Type, I defined LS Partner Type.

The same happened to me updating with:

Partner Type: LS

Mess Type: ORDERS

Idoc Type: ORDERS05

Application: EA

Mess Type: ZWC1 (Copied from NEU)

Process Code: ME10

The same error appears.