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Inbound DESADV is split by material into several IDOCs.

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Hi All, I hope you can help me please? I have problem with our inbound DESADV/DELIVERY03 messages from supplier. We have for each material 1 scheduling agreement and when we receive DELIVERY electronicaly it splits the message by agreements. So for example if we have seven materials on the delivery note, we will receive seven different IDOCs. It creates subsequently seven files in BORGR with the same delivery note number, but with different goods issue number. We would like to get all materials on the same delivery note. Is it possible to merge it together into 1 IDOC or do I have to ask customer to change the mapping?Thx Paul


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How are you receiving these IDOCs? do you use any middleware before connecting to SAP, if yes, then it should be doen there, if not try with the customer first.

if either of the above 2 options not feasible, then you need to change the partner profile to stop teh IDOCs from being processed, then write a program to read all such IDOCs and combine those logically by common header data and moving all the corresponding E1EDP*s into under the same header

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Thanks for your response, we do use middleware to change VDA standard into SAP IDOC. I should probably start from the beggining. First we received VDA from our supplier with 1 scheduling agreement number and several materials. As I mentioned before, we have for each material one scheduling agreement so althought it created 1 IDOC in SAP, which matches the delivery it came with status 51 - Supplier is empty or could not be found via order/purchase determination. It only found the first material. Which I guess means that for each material there has to be scheduling agreement number in order to check the schedule qty, material etc. I asked the supplier to change the mapping and send for each material scheduling agreement number.They managed to do so, but only by spliting the IDOCs by material.So inbound VDA contains several control records, which subsequently create several inbound IDOCs. We can go back to the first mapping standard, but can we import it into the system without schedule agreement numbers...just materials and qties? Thx PAUL