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In which table can I find the tcode, username and data of login ?

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I would like to know which tcode and when specific users use.

And therefore I have question:

In which table can I find the the tcode, username and data and time of login ?

Rgds Stenwa


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You can find transaction codes in TSTCT.

User names USR01 TABLE

In transaction code ST03 you can find the specified log.

Regards and best wishes.

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This table haven't conection by key. It not help me

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Hope you require to find this info specific to other users. Did you check the T-codes i had mentioned.

There is no such single table which holds all the 3 info: T-Code,UserName and Time

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But do you know single table which I can joined?

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Depending on the version of SAP you are using, you can trace this via:

1. STAD.

2. SM20. But proper config should be maintained via SM19.

Please read this documentation by SAP for details: []



Edited by: Suhas Saha on Apr 22, 2010 6:45 PM

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But do you know single table which I can joined

NO There is no single table which holds all the info you need. You can get the relevant informations in the T-Codes i mentioned.

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A'm not administrator.

Explain me what is T-Codes i mentioned. How find it?

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A'm not administrator

Hope you have authorizations to run these T-Codes even if you are not a administrator.

SM04 : User List. It shows you the current users logged in, the t-code they are using, No of sessions they have opened and etc.

ALO8 : Currently Active Users. Its give detailed overview of all the users logged in.

SM20 : Security audit Log

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I can't answer for my question, but I received the results in various tables.

Thanks everybody for help.

Rgds, Stenwa

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You can fine Current T-code(TCODE) and User name (UNAME) in SY / SYST structure.



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Check the Table TSTC. All the transactions get stored in the Table.

User name and date of loging : USR01

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To find users currently logged in and what t-code they are using : SM04 ---> Then Double Click

You can even get more relevant info in : SM20

Find Currently active users : AL08