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In SAP how to check distinct values for the table, for the column(field)

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Let say, the table LIPS having WERKS(plant), now we want to know distinct value(count) of the WERKS field.


Vadamalai A


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Hi Vadamalai,

      You can find the possible values if any check table is maintained but not sure whether you can get the distinct values maintained inside LIPS ( for WERKS). 

     It seems to be the only option is execute all entries then do filter on the field WERKS. This might lead to performance issue.


Monishankar Chatterjee

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Dont know whether programmatic solution is acceptible, but following might help:

select distinct werks

   into table lt_werks

   from lips

   where vbeln in s_vbeln.

DESCRIBE TABLE lt_werks lines lv_count.

write:/ lv_count.

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  Get all WERKS from LIPS into an internal table.

   SORT & DELETE ADJACENT DUPLICATES on internal table will gives distinct plants.