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Improper decimal value in search help output

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Hi Experts,

I am creating an elementary search help which contains a decimal field (length 13 decimal places 2) for amount value. The output of search is populated using a custom search help exit. While assigning the amount value directly to the search help output (SEAHLPRES- STRING), output contains improper amount values. Do I need to do any conversions before assigning the decimal value to the output string?

Please provide a solution for this issue.


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check the output length of field for which you have given search help.

hope it helps

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It's the hexadecimal value of the DEC field, which must be transferred to RECORD_TAB, that I call "with NO conversion" (I think what you call "without conversion" is Something equivalent to RECORD = DECIMAL_FIELD which does an implicit conversion because the types are different);

You may use F4UT_RESULTS_MAP function module to initialize RECORD_TAB.