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If USEREXIT/BADI doesnt exists ?

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Hi experts,

I m searching for an exit/badi for txn code IW31 in ECC 6.0.

But i coundnt found the exit or badi.

In these cases how can we acheive the business requuirememnt?

i heard BTE is only for FI module. But i am working on ECC, with order management.

So kindly reply me if u have any exits/badis or anything else to add our code in SAP.

Please reply me, points are rewarded maximum.




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There are few userexits for IW31:

Go to se37 and search for EXIT_SAPLCOIH_*.

This is the list of userexits.

I have used EXIT_SAPLCOIH_003 once.

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I have serached this, but couldnt solve my problem.

Actually my req is:

I have a requirement where I need to modify the records in object tab on service order tcode “IW31”, IW32.

My req is if i enter a Main Equipment in a service order, if it has the sub Equipment, I want to show all the materials maintained in the main and sub equipments. I need to show them in the Object list tab of IW31 and IW32 txncodes.

Its in ECC 6.0.

Can some one please tell me the User exit or the Badi to do it.Also can any

I have already posted this thread. For you im writing again..

SO if u have done these kind of exits, plz tell me


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If you are on ECC 6.0 and there is no BADI / Exit available - see if you can use the new Enhancement Framework.

In SE38 drill to relevant part of SAP code and look at implicit enhancement points (there is a menu option to display them) - if the code is in a FORM, then there will be enhancement points at the start and end of the form where you can put your changes.

To create it you need to switch to enhancement mode using the toolbar button and then create an enhancement implementation at the enhancement point.

Andrew Marshall

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Andrew, thanks for ur reply..

I was just trying to find out the exit but couldnt.

you said something about the Enhancement framework. I dont know about that,

Can you please explain me about that? How can i change the sap code.

Also i need the parameters (changing) to pass the new values to sap.

how can do it? and where i have to do it?

Please reply me.

thnks again,


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Nk T

Try the link below to know more about Enhancement framework: [original link is broken]

I hope is useful.


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you cannot seach with EXIT_, that will search for the customer exit(implemented as Function modules) and not the user exit with in your program. If you really want to serach for user exit, you need to search for the text "userexit" in the global search and chose the option to find in the main program, that will list out all the user exits (implemented as subroutines) used within your main program associated with the t-code.



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Take a look at (classic) BADI's starting with IW* - there are a several there which may be of use. A search of the source code for tcode IW31 finds 'BADI' in a number of places, with reference to IW01* BADI names.


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Thanks for all your replies,

But i am searching for the Badi/user exit/ customer exit, for my req, but of no use.

I know i can use the BAPI, to maintain the order changes, BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN, but dont know how to use it and where to use it.

please guys help me out.

Highly points are rewarded.


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