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Idocs -questions

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1) What is the difference between Inbound and outbound processing of Idoc

2) what is message type in idoc

3) Can i get a list of status codes of idoc.

4) Some standard idocs used in MM,SD and FICO


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1.Inbound means incoming application documents into SAP from Outside system and Outbound bound means Outgoing Application documents from the R3 system

2. Message type is the one which determines and process the Various outputs associated with the Incoming/outgoing documenets

3.Outbound IDOCs

Code Error Event Severity SAP Meaning

02 Yes Error Error passing data to port

03 No Error if transaction SM58 indicates an RFC transmission error Data pass to port OK

04 Yes Error Control information of EDI subsystem

05 Yes Error Translation

06 No Harmless Translation

07 Yes Error Syntax check

08 No Harmless Syntax check

09 Yes Error Interchange handling

10 No Harmless Interchange handling

11 Yes Error Dispatch

12, 13, 14 No Harmless OK

15 Yes Warning Interchange acknowledgement negative

16 No Harmless Functional acknowledgement

17 Yes Warning Functional acknowledgement negative

18 No Harmless Triggering EDI subsystem

20 Yes Error Triggering EDI subsystem

22 No Harmless Dispatch OK, acknowledgement still due

23 Yes Error Retransmission

24 No Harmless Control information of EDI subsystem

25 Yes Warning Processing despite syntax error

26 Yes Error Syntax check

27 Yes Error ALE error

29 Yes Error Error in ALE services

30 No Harmless Ready for dispatch (ALE)

31 No Harmless IDOC is marked for deletion

33 No Harmless Original of an IDOC which was edited

34 Yes Error Error in control record of IDOC

36 Yes Error Timeout error; electronic signature not performed

37 Yes Error IDOC added incorrectly

38 No Harmless IDOC archived

39 No Harmless Receive confirmed

40 Yes Error Application document not created in target system

41 No Harmless Application document created in target document

The following table describes the inbound IDOC status codes that generate Tivoli Enterprise Console events:

Inbound IDOCs

Code Error Event Severity SAP Meaning

51, 52 Yes Error Posting error

53 No Harmless Posting successful

54 Yes Error Error during formal application check

55 No Harmless Formal application check

56 Yes Error IDOC with error added

60 Yes Error Syntax error

61 Yes Warning Processing despite syntax error

62 No Harmless IDOC passed to application

63 Yes Error Error passing IDOC to application

64 No Harmless IDOC ready to be passed to application

65 Yes Error ALE error

68 No Harmless IDOC is marked for deletion

70 No Harmless Original of an IDOC which was edited

73 No Harmless IDOC archived

4. Material01, Orders01,02,03 (idoc Types_ see the table EDBSG)

Message Types --ORDERS, ORDRSP etc (table EDMSG)

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Anji reddy,

Can I get any document which briefly overviews ABAP'er of MM, PP and FICO modules. Please don't give links of sapgenie, sapbrain. I am looking at a ppt or a word doc.

Thank you.

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Hi Venkat,

1) There are two processes in IDOC processing one is INBOUND PROCESS( IDOC coming to the system and its handling at various stages) and the other is OUTBOUND PROCESS( IDOC is send to other system . Separate ABAP programs are written for these 2 processes and different configuration settings are required for each one .Depending upon the trigeering mechanism different programming approaches are used.OUTBOUND PROGRAMS handle the IDOC creation and INBOUND PROGRAMS handle the inbound IDOC and the data trasfer from the IDOC to the database tables.

2) Message types (required for sending the data across participating systems) relate to the structure of the data called an IDOC (Intermediate Document). Message types provide the format of the data, which can be exchanged between SAP and non-SAP systems. ALE supports over 200 message types in R/3.

3) For Status codes of idoc check this wiki.



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