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IDOC type to send OPEN ITEMS per INVOICE to external system?

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Dear EDI Experts,

we want to send OPEN ITEMS of a customer per document via EDI to an XML file.

We checked on idoc type CRESTA01 but this idoc type provides "only" the total OPEN ITEMS of a customer but NOT e.g the invoice document numbers.

Is there any way to generate an IDOC or XML file with the invoice numbers and its OPEN ITEM amounts?

We want to transfer that data to an HH device in order to show customer which invoices yet to be paid.

Any idea?

Many, many thanks




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You have queried for two points.

1) If you want to create idoc for every document then you have to create one simple program and with in that program you have to call function module which crates the idoc of CRESTA01 for every invoice number.

2) I you want to send idoc in XML then you have to use XML port for idoc.i.e. you have to create one new xml port in we21 and you have to pass this port to that ioc generating program.

Thanks and regards,


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many thanks for the quick answer to my question.

We want ONE credit idoc per one customer showing all OPEN ITEMS with the document number.

That info is sent to the Handheld in order to provide customer exact info which invoice he has not paid yet.

We do not need ONE idoc per ONE document.

But it seems no standard idoc provides such info and we have to call a FM to provide that info to a Z-Segement of CRESTA01. Is that correct?

Port definition XML in we21 for idoc type is understood.

Thanks a lot



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In this idoc header segment contains controlling area and customer number is in the item segement which is E1BP1010_2 .SO Here you can fill more than one customer number in one idoc.Here requirement is all the customers should belongs to one controlling area.So this idoc should fulfill your requirements.