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IDOC is not created

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hi all,

We configured ALE for Purchase Orders, when we create or change the purchase orders the system will create the IDOCS automatically and send it to XI, most of them creating the IDOCS and successfully gone through XI, but some of the purchase orders doesnt have IDOCS.

can anybody please help me what was the wrong?

Kind Regards,



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plese check the partner profiles of the vendor for the purchase orders which are not getting and also check the port definitions of that partner...

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Check the Partner Profiles(WE20) for the vendor of purchase order whether it has the corresponding output type and message type are configured or not. If its there then go to nace and go to the EF application type and go to the condition records and check the particular order type is defined or not.



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Hi Kiran..

It may be bcoz of the Condition Records that are Created on Puchase order for Generating IDOCs. Only when the condition record is found the IDOC will be generated.

So goto Tcode NACE

Select the Application EF - purchase order.

Select the Condition Records.

Check the Existing condition records. you may have to Create new..

Remember only when the entry is Created in NAST table (after ME21 OR ME22)

The IDOCs will be Generated.

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I check in NAST table the entry is exist for the purchase order.

but there is no IDOC created for this PO.

where we need to set the company code filter for creating IDOCS?


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1. When the entry exist in NAST and the IDOC is not generated :

Based on the Timing set in the condition record idoc will be triggered by RSNAST00 program. So check the Timing in the condition records.

2. Filtering based on Company code.

Tcode BD64 :

Under the Model view , Message type (ODERS) select the Data filtering to Add a filter condition on company code.

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hi varma,

the program timing set to 15 minutes, but all other purchase orders create the IDOCS but the one which company code 1200 its not creating the IDOCS?