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Hi Folks,

How can I pass some delivery charges in some summary segment to a particular GL account on the Invoice??




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Documentation say you can change

To do this, you can make use of the document header data and the generated document items, G/L account items

and material account lines

But my suggestion will be

  call customer-function '011'
          i_lifnr              = e_lifnr
          i_bukrs              = e_bukrs
          i_idoc_contrl        = i_idoc_contrl
          e_lifnr              = f_lifnr
          e_bukrs              = f_bukrs
          e_change             = f_change
          t_idoc_data          = t_idoc_data

loop thru t_idoc_data and find the segment you wanted to change , retrieve using segnam and change the content

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Suppose I have an amount in E1EDSO1 segment with Qualifier '015' Amount some $100.00 in it. I want to post this amount to an account (should be hardcoded).

How can i do that.

I don't have accounts here

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Whether this will do ?

types : begin of t_e1eds01.
        include structure e1eds01.
types : end of i_e1eds01.
data ; wa_e1eds01 type t_e1eds01.

  loop at idoc_data where docnum = i_idoc_contrl-docnum.
    if idoc_data-segnam eq 'E1EDS01'.
      move idoc_data-sdata to wa_e1eds01.
      if wa_e1eds01-SUMID eq '015'.
      " Change here value you want in field SUMME
      " Then move the changed value to SDATA
      move wa_e1eds01 to idoc_data-sdata.
      " Update idoc_data
      modify idoc_data index sy-tabix.

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Thanks aRs

I am not trying to modify the amount in e1edso1-Summe segment.

i want to post this amount to a G/L account while posting the MIRO.

That was the idea.

Where am i supposed to be using the hkont (G/L Accounts).

So that it posts the invoice with zero balance.

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SAP online help says, I quote "You can post directly to G/L or material accounts by using enhancement MRMH0002 and the customer exit EXIT_SAPLMRMH_015."

You can refer to the link here.

I have no Idea how to post the amounts to G/L accounts directly.

I have amounts available in different user exit, G/L accounts should be posted in this exit.

Any suggestion???

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Any clues?? most welcome

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Hi , have you found the solution for ur issue. pls let me know.