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Identifying a VA02 Price Change

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For all you SD experts,

Does anyone know where in the VA02 logic you can SEE a price change. Sort of the equivalent of Xvbap. We need to identify that the conditions have been updated on a specific SO line item, and then know to go and execute some special logic (via RFC call) for just that line item, using the new condition values.

Developer is not sure where to find the condition change before the save, and so was WAITING in a pending RFC for the data base records to actually be updated. (so he could read condition tables), And was doing the process for every line, not differentiating ones that had had a change.

Thought some one might have encountered this need before, and know where to point us to see that 1) there are condition updates for a item, and 2) where they are stored to use them in the update process.


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Check field TRTYP in the communication strucutre KOMK.

check KOMK-TRTYP = 'V' . " V-Change .. this can be done in any pricing routine.