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Identical names in subsequent rows not shown in ALV list

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I am new to ABAP,

i have developed a ALV Program to show the joiners and leavers of a Company,

here everything works fine, except one thing,

i have 10 number of colums, 1. PERNR 2.First Name 3.LAst Name 4. DOB ....

in the Second column(First Name), if the names are similar, like 1.shane Lee and 2.shane warne, the second persons first name is not getting displyed (that files is blank) but the last name , DOB and all works fine,

i have used this code "rp_provide_from_last p0002".

what are all the possibilities to correct this.



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By debugging after rp_provide statement you can ensure name is retrieved properly. If name in second line is not coming, please check whether you have used sort on this field in ALV.

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Are you using ALV Grid ? If yes, remove the sorting of columns and Check the output.

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Simple: disable "cell merging" in the ALV layout settings. (or include and editable field, then it's disabled automatically)