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I want to fix column width in a "Print ALV list" PDF document

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Can someone help me with the following problem:

I want to fix column width in a "Print ALV list" PDF document. (Now "Print ALV List" is optimizing column width)

I can't fix the column width / length in a "Print ALV list" PDF document.

I have my list in T-code CS12. These columns are not optimized. I make column 1 "SortS..." and 2 "Quan..." narrower by simple drag the columns smaller but when I print the PDF document, the columns will automatically optimize themselves. The columns optimize themselves because the "print ALV list" wants to have the full words on these column headers/labels. So in the PDF document i get "SortStrng" and "Quantity" but these words are too long.

I want these column widths to be fixed in the PDF document, because I need smaller columns, so all the columns will fit on a A4 portrait. Now there is too much unnecessarily space in these columns as you can see.

I have added 3 pictures.

Can you please help me?

Thank you!






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I guess you should first switch from the ALV Grid view to the old ALV List view, define the exact widths and print. One big issue is that I guess it's impossible to select a width of more than 80 characters (max of report).

If not possible to switch, you could export to Excel, choose a PDF printer and do a print preview/adjust till it's the way you like.

CS12 is intended for display only, check if there's another transaction code for reports, or create a SAPQuery.

I could find interesting answers with this search:

print multilevel bom

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Hi Sandra,

I don't want to export to excel and I don't want to switch. I need to print these documents a lot. So I want to print directly from the T-code. If you have another T-code, tell me but,

First I want to look at CS12. Can I change the column width in the ALV grid view?

I don't understand why the column width is not the same as the column width in SAP.



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I still diddn't solve this issue.

Is there anyone who could help me please?

Thank you!