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i have a doubt abt lsmw using bapi method

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i have tried lsmw using bapi method.first i created two stuctures,1.headerdata,2.item data.In 9th step it accepted only one strcture(headerdata),it doesnt accept itemdata.....

can anyone help me.....


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May be these links give you some answers.

This one is the most complete document for the same

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Welcome to SDN............

what do u mean by 9th step?

it will vary from one to other based on the user settings.........

is it assign file step u r talking about?

ok if it is the same u r talkign about then in the specify file step check the radio button multiple structures then you can assign the same file to multiple structure...

This should solve your problem............

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Hi thanks for ur immediate response...actually my doubt in 9th step(read data).In read data only it has accepted only one structure,i.e.,headerdata.but it doesnt accept another structure,ie.,itemdata......i think now u got my doubt.............if u know plz tell me solution..

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while creating source stucture u have to define

identifier fiield in the start

identifier c 1 in header and item sructure.

in flat file

h fld1 fld2 for header

i fld1 fld2 foritem.

hope u rpboblem be solved

if any pboblem let mr know


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i have tried this one.Even i given identifier with both structure(H for header and I for item),but i dint get .............

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i dont know but just now i done .

i am also working on that i stuck in idoc setting.

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u got a error in Idoc bound setting...............

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at Step 4, u need to map ur created data structures for header and items to its corr. segments, its means that Header segment corr. to ur header structure and

Line item segment to ur lie item structure.

clearly, place cursor on Header segment and click on Relationship button, it displays a pop window with header and line items structures, select header structure. do same for line item also.

at step 7, u need to define 2 files, one is for header and another is line time.

at step 8, need to assign 2 files for both header and line item.

check all these steps, let me know the status.

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Go through these

BAPI-step by step procedure

list of all BAPI's