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Hyperlink from Field to Group

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I haven't posted before, so hopefully I'm in the right place. I am using Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 3.0.24 with Visual Studio 2017. I'm trying to make a very simple report using Project Data / .NET Objects as the report data source. I have nothing but a single field from the data and a group field. I am trying to hyperlink from the field to a related group, and I think I've got everything setup correctly except that I cannot figure out how to use the Select From field in the hyperlink options.

I right-clicked on the group field and clicked copy. I then went into the field's format dialog to the hyperlink tab. I select the "Another Report Object" radio button, then I click Paste, and it fills in the Object Name and the Data Context values, but that would not narrow the link down to a single group. This leaves the Select From field, which I cannot figure out how to use. I have tried using the formula to return the value of the group name. I'm not sure what else to try.

The final result is that the report doesn't actually have any hyperlinks in it. None of the fields react to a click at all. It seems like this should be relatively simple. Are there other settings that I'm not using correctly? I couldn't find any explanation for what the Select From field should contain.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Hello, I believe that you would need to be using the DHTML viewer in an Enterprise environment (e.g. BOBJ or CR Server) in order for this to work. Please see the Report Part navigation section in

"This navigation is available only in the DHTML viewers (zero-client, server-side viewers)."

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There are other options as well.
1. You can simply turn on the Hide (Drill-Down OK) option for the Detail section. 
2. You can use an On-Demand Subreport
3. For more advanced scenarios, you can handle the click event using application code.

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ok, thank you both!