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HTTP Parameter Error in method SET_FORM_FIELD

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I have to use a web service with 3 obligatory parameters . User , password and File.

I have no problems with the two first parameters passing them with the class

cl_http_client method ->request->set_form_field. and this values.

However i cant pass the third parameter (File) using the same mode.

i tried:

CALL METHOD http_client->request->set_form_field


name = 'file'

value = 'Path source of my file'.

but i receive an error response from the web service .



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Hi Pablo,

Were you be able to pass file parameter using set_form_field method?

I have the same problem. I can't pass the parameter insider a multipart because the web site says that the parameter is missing, so I need to pass it using that method, but in case of parameters type file, I don't know what to pass as value..


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Thanks boby.

Actually I tried both solutions but I still get the error.  I can't use just function module HTTP_POST because it's an https ssl call, so I created a Http destinaton linked to the certificate, etc., to use with method cl_http_client-> create_by_destination. 

If I use method add_multipart, the web site doesn't recognize the parameters there. So the only method that doen't give an error is the method set_form_field, but my problem is how to send a value to a parameter type file.